As I sit here working on my very first sermon coming up in the next month or so, I am beginning to realize how important of a theme prayer is in the Bible. I mean, everything good that happened to the followers of God in the Bible seemed to come after someone prayed.

Solomon prayed for wisdom. He got it.

Adam and God had a conversation, the very first prayer mentioned in the Bible, by the way, right after he sinned and the Fall of Man happened. God forgave him.

You know what prayer seems to stick out to me the most, though? Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane. Here he was, facing the most painful torture that was known to man, with death an unavoidable ending, begging God for another way. He knew there wasn’t another way, He went through with it. His prayer to God gave him strength. God heard his prayer. He knew that in order to save the rest of humanity from our stupidity and sinfulness that His only Son had to die in the most terrible way possible. Jesus prayed, and God said no.

That happens. God sometimes says no. But you know what?

He says no because, even though at the moment we are facing storms and drowning in life’s problems, He knows that our endurance will lead to a better and closer relationship with Him.

Jesus didn’t want to be crucified. But he trusted God and did it anyways.

And Easter came.

Pray. Just pray.

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